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Cute Volkswagen Bus tote bag:

A quilter, I am not-- yet!  When I saw this Coastal Cruiser Pattern from Tula Pink, I knew I had to dive in and at least give it a try. As it turns out, even though this pattern is very straight-forward and easy to understand, I am not so good at following patterns and instructions...  What I am learning about myself is that I do much better free-styling, or sort of making things up as I go along. So, I must apologize to Miss Pink, however, for associating this imperfect (albeit loveable!) creation of mine with her fabulous work!! Ahem- sorry, Tula. Maybe it's better to just say this project was inspired by the pattern?

I made the tote bag portion without a pattern.  Basically, I cut 2 large rectangles of coordinating fabric (one for the outside, and one for the lining)and sewed the sides together, leaving the ends (or the portion that will be the "top") open.  Then, I pressed that "top/opening" portion and pinned 2 strips of 3/4' wide bias tape (the straps) and hemmed it all closed.  Like I said, not perfect, and very novice! But, hey- it's pretty cute in the end :)

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