Monday, February 20, 2012

Is This In Your Cosmetic Bag? This Isn't Pretty.

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It seems this has been a busy couple of weeks for new reports emerging about toxins in common cosmetics. 

What I want to know is who, in the development of beauty products, suggests this?  How does one look at a product that will go on a human being and think that adding known carcinogens- such as lead or formaldehyde- is a good idea?? 

Does that developer then use the product herself?  Or allow her mother, sister or 
 daughter to use it?   

And how have we, as a culture and society, allowed this blind consumption?  Why don't demand transparency, information and education in the products that we will consume?  Think about it.

I've gathered a few links to share:

FDA Finds Lead In 400 Lipsticks, Proving Toxic Cosmetics Are A Legit Health Concern

Top 7 Toxic Ingredients To Avoid In Beauty Products

Brazilian Blowout Finally Admits Product Can Cause Cancer


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