Thursday, April 5, 2012

Chocolate Cupcake & Chocolate Mousse Parfait

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Savvy saves the day!!

A masterbaker I am not- that title is (deservedly) held by my sister.  
So when I decided one evening to experiment with a gluten free version of 
vegan chocolate cupcakes, I am not sure why I was surprised to 
wake up the next morning to this disaster...
These crazy little cupcakes had not only, ahem... undressed themselves 
from their papers wrappers, but they were also falling apart.  
Pull yourselves together naked cupcakes!!  

These cupcakes, and one small cake were made to celebrate a 3 year-old's birthday and there wasn't time to make another batch.  As I stared despairingly at the chocolatey crumbly mess, and the giant bowl of chocolate mousse that was made for topping, the savvy masterbaker saved the day.  
A few dessert cups, and some rearranging of ingredients and 
we had... parfaits!

And one stunning, drool-worthy 
decadent little cake!

What a beautiful mess this turned out to be :)
For the recipe see the Kitchen tab, or click here.
(although, I would suggest not deviating from the recipe the way I did by substituting rice flour...)

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